Many people are plagued with constipation. Sometimes these bowel movements can result in pain or muscle strain to ones abdominal muscles.

According to the Mayo Clinic and the National Library of Medicine, constipation may have harmful effects such as hemorrhoids and fecal impaction. The long-term effects of chronic constipation are bleeding from large hemorrhoids and/or bloody stools, gas and bloating, intense abdominal pain, malnutrition, anal fissures, rectal prolapse, and other diseases including colon cancer.

There is no range for what is considered “normal” with respect to ones regular bowel movements, having an average of three or less per week would generally be considered constipation. If the duration between the bowel movements is one to several weeks in time, this could be considered Chronic Constipation.

A-OK is recommended by Jordan Rubin, founder of, as safe to use while taking Primal Defense as it does not disturb the action of probiotics and yet provides safe, gentle and effective relief for constipation.

Recommended by physicians to their patients…
Highly Effective, Gentle, & Safe!

A-OK is a natural alternative to harsh laxatives. Our A-OK has helped thousands with its patented unique and exciting blend of herbs. It will aid in restoring regularity and assist in easier elimination while enhancing your energy and health. A-OK is an all natural herbal based product.

CAL-OF-LIFE is the finest calcium supplement on the market. It was formulated by a OB/GYN to give maximum absorption of calcium. Optimally balanced with magnesium and other natural ingredients, it helps build bone mass, protect the heart, and prevent bone loss for both men and women. It also reduces PMS and guards against colon cancer.

Both products were jointly formulated by internationally recognized physician, Dr. Mark Scheinberg (M.D.), and renowned herbologist, Maria Belle. They joined forces to create products that take a sensible, wholistic approach to a healthier living. Our products are designed to provide you with more energy and better health, by aiding your body to work more efficiently.

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